December updates on the farm

December Updates On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmJanuary 6, 2022

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December updates on the farm. I had realized this week that I haven’t wrote any monthly updates since September. Whoops! Life has a way of just happening and the past few months have been nothing short of crazy town. 

December updates on the farm

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I have run a photography business for 9 years. Seems strange even typing that. NINE YEARS. Insane. Anyhow, these past few months have been extra crazy driving back and forth from our old town (3 hours away), photographing sessions (or rescheduling them due to weather), and making sure all my clients had their images before the blog posts I so desperately needed to write (lol) ever saw the light of day.  

I have spent the last 9 years not only building my business, but building relationships I never knew would come out of said business. I love my clients. Dearly. They have become my constant cheerleaders, and became my friends. 

I wouldn’t be the photographer (or even person) without all those families this almost past decade. 


Our family had an amazing Christmas on the farm. It was just the 6 of us that day and truth be told, it was glorious. The only thing I would change is having my mom here. She is one of my best friends and it has been difficult living just far enough away that a trip has to be planned. 

The beautiful creature turned 22! HOW?



Ella (9 years old) will tell you the best gift this year was the zip line. The two of them have played with this thing for hours!!!!


Jackson of course loved his new lego set, but this magazine subscription has been the best dang gift. He looks forward to Fridays when it arrives and devours the entire thing. Then, I read it 😉


We surprised Kailyn (22) with an AlmondCow. She has been wanting one for forever and when they went on sale this year I snagged it. Fyi, she states it’s the “best almond milk I have ever tasted.”


Ryder (16) runs. No, I don’t mean like a normal runner, I mean he was running (for cross country and track) 59 miles in one week. Yeah, I know right? So, this year he got a massage gun (lol). He loves it. 

I take great pride in my gift giving abilities and the kids would all agree 😉


snow in the summer with ice on top

Snow in the Summer with snow all over it.

a goat

Clyde, our sweet boy 

ducks in the farm pond

Our beautiful waterfowl. I’m hoping for baby ducks this spring. 


Lastly, our chicken (chick) order has been placed. We’re holding off until May for delivery so it’s a tad bit warmer, but we’re excited. This will be our first time with meat chickens and we’re starting out with 25. If all goes well, we’ll put another order in for the fall to harvest before it gets cold outside. 

In addition to the meat chickens, 12 fresh new hand picked chicks will be arriving to begin our laying flock once more. They will all be vaccinated and we will not allow any outside poultry will set foot on this farm (lol). If you have no idea why I’m saying this, you can read all about that here

37 chickens total and all ordered from McMurray Hatchery


I’ve personally started my 365 project back up this year. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a project in which you take an image a day for an entire year. My focus this year is finding beauty every single day. It may not easy, but always worth it. You can follow along with that project on IG here. 

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