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Duck House

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 16, 2021

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After Scott worked for 21 days straight (17 of those out of town), our to do list was growing fast. He took a few days off when he got back and let me tell you…that man worked non-stop for 5 days. One thing he accomplished was our duck house by the pond using repurposed wood/supplies. It turned out more perfect than I could have dreamed, even if they have only slept one nigh in it ;).

Pinterest Pin for duck house post


I found the plans here on Etsy. Anyone else obsessed with Etsy? He worked through the plans and changed up what needed to be changed based on the repurposed materials. Example: We took down a bunch of cabinetry in our kitchen (we’re adding open shelving in there-more on that later), and used the hinges on this duck house. 

I’m telling you, this man can build anything and that skill comes in REAL handy on a farm. 


Right at about 5 feet x 5 feet, it’s bigger than anything they have had thus far. Wire netting/mesh around the top perimeter to keep ventilation on point without letting any predators in. Scott built a ramp for them to get in and we put down lots of straw for bedding. The roof is made of a standard asphalt roofing panels and is slanted to allow rain to not gather. 


The girls are thriving on the pond, have eaten an entire patch of algae on the side, and could care less about their wonderful new house lol. We were able to get them in the first night, but since then…they have refused. I go out every morning to make sure they are all safe which is about all I can do. I give them their feeder in the morning (which they do come up to me then and start eating) and I bring it back to the house at sunset. 

My plan is to paint it this week so soon as the rain lets up. Bright red barn paint with some stenciling on the side saying “Quack Shack.” 


Scott & I talked about adding 2 geese to this flock for aerial protection for the ducks. Did you know geese protect that way? I find it fascinating. That won’t be until later in the Spring, but we’re pretty sure it’s a great move. 

Duckling in sink for the first time

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