How the ducklings are doing, how we're caring for them, and how much joy they bring.

Ducklings Week 1

Pendleton Family FarmJanuary 31, 2021

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Ducklings week 1. Meet the girls. They are here and they are the cutest things ever! Here is what we’ve been up to, what we’ve learned, and how the ducklings are doing. Warning: I’m about to spam you with images lol. 

Our family knew we wanted ducks for our farm. You can learn all about why here. What we didn’t realize was how much we would love them.


We started with 8, but we’re down to 6. You can read all about what happened here. First things first, their names. We have Charlotte, Duck, Rocky, Phoebe, Greta, & Daisy. They are tiny and precious and make a huge mess lol. 

This is Duck. She is big, yellow, and loud.

We decided to divide them up by 3’s and place each set into their own stock tank. Reason being is because the Pekin ducklings (the bright yellow one above) are much larger than the others so we didn’t want them to pick on the smaller ones. 

They both have pine flakes, water, food, and their own heating element. We’re trying two different types to see which one seems to work better. We bought this one and this one. I’ll be honest, the “fire hazard” on a bulb scares my a little, but dang does it heat up better. We added an additional fire alarm to where the ducklings are just in case and have it clamped tight. 

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The tanks get cleaned twice a day. By clean I mean, removing the water, tray the water is on, cleaning, and replacing it with fresh water. Each tank then gets spot cleaned while picking up wet and soiled bedding. Fresh bedding is replaced. 

And yes…they immediately dirty it up again. lol. Over and over we go.

We are picking them up multiple times per day, getting them used to being held, and letting them snuggle any time they please. The sweetest thing happened last night. I go to leave the sunroom after holding one of them, and she calls out peeping at me to pick her back up. I can not even handle it. Just the sweetest thing. 

Duckling in sink for the first time
How the ducklings are doing, how we're caring for them, and how much joy they bring.
Duckling in sink for the first time


Next up is to build a duck house for them…and by build, I’m talking about my husband building one lol. They will have their Quack Shack by our main pond which is visible from our house. They won’t be in it for some time (at least 8 weeks), but living here we’ve realized we need to get on projects pretty quickly to make sure there is enough time to do it right

There are plenty of plans we have found, but I think we’ve settled on this one. Scott is planning on also putting a larger ramp onto the front of the house to allow them easy access from the water and from predators. 

Farmland in North Carolina

Their future home. That’s a lot of water to play in. 

Duckling in sink for the first time

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