Ducklings Week 3

Ducklings Week 3

Pendleton Family FarmFebruary 25, 2021

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We’ve had the most beautiful weather here this week and so the ducklings have gotten a lot more time outside. Yes, they make an absolute mess with all the mud, bugs, grass, etc., but it’s worth it. Ducklings Week 3. 

Ducklings Week 3

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The ducklings are technically 4 weeks old, but I document them the week of and share a pos the week after. Keeps me organized lol. I honestly can’t believe how big they got so fast. I mean you read about how fast they grow, but until you see first hand, it’s hard to grasp. 

I’m basing their age on when they shipped which was January 25, 2021 since they usually ship out a day after hatching. 


These birds sure can eat and drink until I swear they are about to explode lol. We’re having to fill their large waterer  three times a day now and we still are able to clean their brooder twice a day. My amazing husband made them a new and improved one and it’s just so much easier. We’re able to keep the water and food off the ground now so no more poo poo in those feeders. 

We have now moved that brooder to the garage and they are thriving with the additional space they have. 

Ducklings Week 3
Ducklings Week 3


Never in my life did I think watching ducklings would bring me the amount of joy it does. I sat outside with the breeze through the trees, listening the the birds chirp, watching these ladies find any mud they could get their beaks ahold of. Joy, pure joy. 

I’ve taught them that when they hear that mealworm bag shake, to come to me. They know treats are coming and that’s the way my plan is to put them up at night when they have their duck house. Keeping them as safe as I can is our first priority. 


After that last time in our tub, we’ve decided to move bath time outdoors. Water literally dripping down my walls lol. We have access to hot water from our garage so we place our stock tank outside, got the water nice and warm, and away they went. See the water? 

Ducklings Week 3


The girls will start laying eggs at around 20 weeks old and will continue for a few years. As long as they have adequate food and water, they usually do amazing. Can’t wait to see how big these eggs will be. They are about twice, if not three times, the size of chicken eggs. 

You can fry up duck eggs just like normal, but a lot of people use them for baking. They make your dish so much more delicious. 


When it’s time for the girls to move to their new home out by the pond, I know I will shed a tear (if not more). They have been such an amazing livestock for us to get our feet wet. My prayers is they will still waddle their way over to me for treats and the occasional feather scratch. 

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