February Updates on the Farm

February Updates On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 2, 2021

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March has finally arrived and the past few days have felt like Spring. Don’t worry, I won’t get my hopes up of seeing no more ice/snow, but I do relish in the fact that warmer weather is on its way. February updates on the farm. 

Monthly Updates On the Farm


Our third is double digits and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. He’s grown so much this past year. We celebrated with of course a day all about him. Since Covid, we weren’t going to have a party, so he got to pick what he wanted to do instead. His choice…Defy(trampoline park) and a trip to Target with this birthday money. 

The birthday cake was requested by him as well which included a cookie cake topped with ice cream, and homemade whipped cream


Seventeen DAYS. Scott comes home this Friday after being gone for seventeen days on military duty and we can not wait for his return. I send him pictures of our shenanigans everyday…just so he remembers what I’m doing here all alone lol

I brought home 4 chicks. Whoops. 

Ducklings are now 4 weeks old and spending a lot of time outside. 

Ducks outside on the farm land
Ducks outside on the farm land


I scoured the internet for some local raw milk to try out and to make my own butter with and found Hawkfield Manor. As we drove up to the farm to pickup our milk, the smell of fresh cut wood took over. It’s one of my favorites smells of all time. There is a working saw mill on the farm and it’s just amazing. 

Heather and her husband are in the business of raising:

•Chickens, Meat & Layers // Pastured, Non-GMO

•Beef, Angus & Charolais // Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free

•Hay // Repairing and restoring through sustainable grazing processes

Not only did Heather show us around, but we got to meet their beautiful six children that they homeschool. We walked the pastures loving on cows, donkeys, and their newest baby goats. Dream come true. 

donkey in the pasture
boy holding a baby goat


Blessed to have a family to cook for. I’ve been saying this over and over again so while I’m making the hundredth snack of the day, I am reminded that it’s blessing to do so. Does it always work? Heck no, but I’m trying. 

This egg recipe on repeat. 

As well as Dutch Baby Pancake because we obviously love breakfast food around here. 

Homemade chili recipe coming soon…


Blog post coming soon, but we went and bought a tractor. I MUCH NEEDED purchase. 

Kubota tractor newly purchased


The Quack Shack (aka: the duck house) will be build this weekend as well as putting up our temporary green house for our cut flower garden. It’s time for the ducks to move outdoors very soon. They are running out of space in their brooder. We’re praying for more consistent warmer weather over here. 

I can’t wait to see what our farm looks like this Spring. Happy first week of March friends. 

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