March updates from the farm

March Updates On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 29, 2021

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March updates on the farm. Well, Spring has officially landed here at The Pendleton Family Farm and we’re in full swing on projects. Between caring for the ducks, chicks, baby goats, new puppies, and the greenhouse, we have arrived at farm life. 

March updates from the Pendleton Family Farm


The kids are officially 4 weeks old and are still being bottle fed three times a day. In a couple of weeks, we’ll move them to twice a day. We were using a single bottle for each baby, but quickly realized we needed a faster system. Plus the girls were starting to kick a little too hard during feedings so it was time. The Hoegger Supply Company was where we purchased the Prichard multi-kid feeder. 

To have something to hold the bucket up, we went ahead and ordered a bucket holder from Premier1 Supplies. 


The greenhouse has been put up and the seeds have been started. The plans continue on the Cut Flower Garden as well as a ton of pumpkins. Tomatoes, cucumbers, salad mixes, greens, birdhouse gourds, carrots, fennel, peas, & radishes that will be started closer to fall/winter. 

All seeds shown in image purchased through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Chicks are in that weird stage of gaining their adult feathers and they look so strange lol. Ruger (Great Pyrenees to the right) is absolutely huge. He’s well over 40 pounds and is 16 weeks old. Scott found a trailer that will be the future mobile coop for the chickens and I am thrilled. Being able to move the chickens every few days to new pasture will provide more nutrients to the soil, not to mention happy chickens. 

Chicks sitting on lap
Great Pyrenees puppy
Soon to be chicken coop

This hunk of metal may not look like much, but wait until you see what we have planned for it. Mobile Chicken Coop. 

Silkie chicks


Now that the weather has been changing, we’re starting to see what kinds of life is here on the farm. So far we have peach, apple, and pear trees (YAY), a few vines we’re not sure of yet, and Scott finds this little guy today. Baby box turtle not an inch big. Don’t worry, we put him back exactly where we found him, but what an amazing experience for our kids. 

baby box turtle

Our focus next year is to add more fruit trees as well as blueberry, blackberry, and strawberries. Strawberries take a long time to cultivate so we will dedicate a large part of the garden to just that. There is just nothing like fresh fruit. 


Our local Southern States  farm store is having something called a fish day. A company called FishWagon comes in and brings anything you need to stock your pond. The cool thing is I called to place my order so they would have exactly what we were looking for. An order of Triploid Grass Carp and Fathead Minnows will be there when we arrive. 

The carp are normally used to clean up bottom algae and minnows can be used to offer forage to ponds. They make a great investment when used as a source of food for larger species. Currently we have bluegill and bass in the water so this will give them something new to eat. The ducks are doing an amazing job at cleaning the top algae. 


Slow and steady wins the race and although it may seem like we’re moving fast, we’re doing things exactly how we intended. Well, maybe the goats a little early, but who’s cares lol. 😉

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