May Updates on the Farm

May Updates On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmMay 25, 2021

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Our first pastured fenced, adding more chickens, and anxiously awaiting our first eggs…May updates on the farm. 

I’m not gonna lie, it’s getting harder and harder to blog frequently. There is something to always do on the farm and squeezing time in to write (even though it’s one of my favorite things) is difficult. Just this morning as I was filling up waters for all the animals, I kept thinking ‘gosh, I sure would love to share this/that.’  We share often on IG, but not everyone has social media and I know some readers really enjoy seeing all the images in one place. We’ve been busy this month which seems like a constant theme lol. 

May Updates on the Farm


We sold our truck? Yeah we did. The payment on that thing was just too high and since my husband drives my paid for vehicle to work everyday (better gas mileage), we decided we needed just a farm truck. You know, a truck that has seen better days, but can haul everything our heart desires (cough cough…maybe more animals) it was the right choice. 


The big ducks, the little ducks, the goslings, and chicks have all been integrated together. For now. We (tried to) moved the ducks back down to the pond with their duck house and they promptly returned back up to the house lol. It was actually quite hilarious to watch. I swear as they were waddling back up they were cussing at us. 

They’re still freaked out and I don’t blame them. Yes, we have caught one snapping turtle, but these boogers are smart. I wasn’t too concerned with the simple fact that it seemed to always happen at night and since I had about 5 weeks of retraining them all to actually get in the duck house, I felt safe enough to have them down there….but nope. They aren’t having any of it, so we’re on the plan B. What’s plan B? We have no idea yet. 

The whole point of ducks, besides the eggs, was to have them live as naturally as possible…you know, at the pond lol. 


Yes, we have all of them. I’m giggling even typing that. We have 4 chickens (who are the oldest) that have their own coop by the woods where the ducks, ducklings, and goslings live. They spend their days looking for goodies all on that border and they absolutely love it. The yard chickens (8 of them) are literally right on the side of our house and they spend their days taking care of all the bugs by the house (and occasionally getting in my garden). The littlest chicks are with the ducks and goslings and I’m telling you…they are sooooooo happy to be out of their coop. 

Side note: We are anxiously awaiting eggs. The ducks should be up first to start laying and then the wood chickens. 

Scott built the most amazing chicken tractor using John Suscovich’s plans in his book. RECOMMEND THIS BOOK HIGHLY. That tractor sits inside our Premier 1 electric fencing along with the ducks and goslings. Yes, the goslings are integrated and they run that play yard lol. 


So far, knock on wood, the electric netting has done an amazing job keeping them in and predators out. We do however have hawks, buzzards, and crows so making sure they have a safe place to run to (the chicken tractor) has been great. Just the other day I saw a hawk try and swoop down inside the netting and grab himself a treat. They were all able to safely get inside their house. Once the goslings are bigger, they will also deter aerial predators. Right now they are just bossing everyone inside the netting around 🙂

We move the entire netting weekly to give them new land to graze on and to keep the poop production down. The ducks/goslings poop a lot. A LOT

May Updates on the Farm


I wanted to cry when it was done. It’s so beautiful, safe, and he did an amazing job. AMAZING. This is a 2 acre stationary pasture fence and houses our goats as well as our Great Pyrenees puppies. When they all got released it was a beautiful sight. They were so dang happy and my husband was so proud. This was the first fence he had built by hand all by himself. 

Entire blog post on how he built it and what materials he used coming soon.

First fence on the land
Building the fence

There is direct access to the barn from this pasture so we don’t have to worry about taking them in and out of it, they can go into the barn at anytime to eat or cool off, and it’s perfect. Ruger (our 6 month old Great Pyrenees) walked two rounds around the entire pasture, sniffed everything, and then returned to his guarding duties. <3 

Clyde the baby goat

This is Clyde. He doesn’t know personal space, doesn’t like grain, and is the most loving little guy. 

Another exciting thing…the baby goats are now off milk. Praise the Lord!!!! That was a long 10 weeks my friends. We decided to wean them a little bit later than we had originally planned and I’m glad we did. They were definitely ready by 12 weeks. 


Garden spaces are in 3 main areas of our farm right now. We lost the greenhouse in a freak wind incidence, but the plants are still trucking along. My tomato plants already have fruit on them, the pumpkins are growing like crazy, and the little garden spot by the house is exploding. I’m so grateful. 

Plans are already in place for next year and it’s going to be epic. 

Chickens at the house garden
Spring planning session


There are always projects to be completed. Next up is replacing leaking roofing on the shed, building the mobile chicken coop for rotational grazing for the chickens, and a possible stationary structure for the ducks. New chickens are coming. Yes, more chickens, but hear me out lol. 

I saw a local lady who was needing to re-home her flock due to moving/finances/up coming wedding issues and so I’m picking them up on Thursday. All the breeds will be new to our farm, are already egg laying hens, and are beautiful. It will be nice to have animals already laying eggs on the farm. They will be quarantined until we know they are safe and free of diseases before being integrated into our existing flock, but we’re excited to have them. 

Side note: ALL the livestock are loving the new feed we have purchased from Reedy Fork Farm. It’s seriously the best. 

Until next time friends. We hope you have the best week ever! 

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