What farm moms really want for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Farm Style

Pendleton Family FarmApril 9, 2021

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Giggling as I type this, but boy have things changed. I’ve never really been a girly girly per se, but I never thought I’d ask for a garden cart for my birthday either lol. Yep, that’s what I asked for my birthday when my mom asked what I wanted. It got me thinking, I can not be the only one who now loves anything farm related as gifts. Mother’s Day Farm Style Gift Guide. 

What farm moms really want for Mother's Day

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I can’t be alone in this. No, we don’t want chocolate unless it’s some beautiful rare chocolate that you had to stand in line for. No, we don’t want flowers unless they are from a beautiful florist you actually had to drive and pick out yourself…or even better, a beautiful bouquet from the farmer’s market. No, we want something else this year. 

Did you find a miniature donkey of my dreams? Then by all that is holy, bring it home and say “Happy Mother’s Day!” I’m assuming that’s not the case, therefore here is what a farm mother, daughter, sister, friend really wants for Mother’s Day. 


Us women want a great pair of overalls. We’re tired of ruining the only good clothes we have left to jumping goats. Boots we can wear on the land that not only keep our feet warm, but are high enough so that the tall grasses don’t get our overalls all wet. By the way, I have both of these things and I never knew how much I needed them until we had animals. 

Or maybe a beautiful vintage styled vase with a packet of our favorite seeds from Floret Flowers? Even better? Start or finish that project we’re so desperate for. Our greenhouse would have been the PERFECT gift. 

Our farm has well water and it just doesn’t taste the quite right. I’m desperate for a Berkey Water System. 


berkeyfiltersusa.com royal berkey water filter

Want to really knock her socks off this year? Has she been complaining about her back hurting? Is it time for a new mattress? Can you imagine her face if you got her something she would LOVE for Mother’s Day? Enter Plush Beds. 


They are certified organic and are made with the highest standards. Can’t swing a new mattress? What about a gorgeous new set of organic sheets?


Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set


More of a visual person? Here are a few additional ideas for your farm loving person. 

This is on my personal list lol. 

I can’t even handle how cute this drinking glasses are. 

Delicious coffee and a new coffee mug that will actually keep your coffee hot for you. Enough said. 


Money tight this year? I get it. What about giving her something that doesn’t cost a dime? Your time. Make the family dinner one evening so she can sit down and relax with that new farm magazine she just got in the mail. Take the kids fishing so she can do farm chores without little hands to help. Does she clean the chicken coops out every day/week by herself? Cleaning that coop may be the exact thing she wants. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the selfless, giving, warrior moms out there. You are seen, heard, and loved. 

What farm moms really want for Mother's Day

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