New Year on the Farm

New Years On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmJanuary 4, 2022

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New Years on the farm. What a time to be alive. The new year brings about so many things for so many people. Most of us have goals we want to accomplish the coming year and dreams we’re striving for. Our family is no different, but our focus this year is grass and garden

New Year on the Farm

We spent our New Year’s Day walking around the 60 acres we are blessed to be able to care for. In that time I did a lot of thinking. Hearing the birds sing, making sure to walk as quietly as possible as not to disturb the wildlife we so desperately wanted to see, and picking up wood treasures was a great way to start this new year. Winter prep had already been accomplished and it was time to think ahead.

Walking through the woods
Deer fur


I mentioned ‘grass and garden’ earlier and what I mean by that is that 2022 we’ll be focused on growing grass and expanding our garden. In order to begin adding livestock to our farm, we have to have forage for them to eat or they will literally eat you out of house and home. 

The problem is, in order to grow grass, we must first prep our land for the idea place for that grass to grow. Adding lime is what is up first since that is what our soil tests revealed. Normally lime is added in the fall so that’s our plan for Fall, with Spring 2023 adding grass to 17 acres of pasture land. Earlier if time (and finances) allows. 

Wild mushrooms


The future large garden has been mapped out as well as tagged. I’ve realized rather quickly how expensive it will be to permanent fence this area in so for this coming Spring we will make do with things we can do cheaply this year to keep the future chickens and hungry deer out. 

This is the year to grow the majority of our food. Preserving, filling up the larder, pressure canning, fermentation, and fresh eating all the goodies we normally eat. No, I’m not going to grow anything “crazy.” This year will focus on things we actually eat, buy at the farmer’s market, or use for recipes often. 


Basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, storage potatoes, lots of peppers, beans, and corn are all things that have been ordered or seed saved from last year. Of course we can’t forget all the pumpkins. I’m going to attempt them again this year (last year they were devoured by bugs) and I have a better plan this year for them to thrive (fingers crossed). 

We planted a ton of onions and garlic to over-winter so even though those have been started, I will end up plating more in our larger garden. 


Give me all the flowers. Tulips have been planted everywhere, Ranunculus have already been establish and well sprouted (stupid abnormal warmer weather), and I’ve got chamomile, zinnias, cosmos, craspedia, and yarrow on order. I’d love to grow all the things but I’m trying to be practical this year. 

During the last bits of summer, we completely took out all the old boxed shrubs from the front of our home, so I’ll be focusing all filling in with things for long term wonder. I’ve already planted tulips, snow in the summer, and transplanted and moved our fig tree. 

Have you ever heard of Burch Acres? I have been following her for awhile and I’m just amazed at not only her garden, but her giving of education. 

kids on a tree trunk
boy in the woods


This is the year we will breed our beautiful goats. October will be the time and I’m am beside myself excited. Unaware of how we’ll breed them (obviously either by AI or bringing a buck in), but either way it will be an exciting time.  

kids playing with goats


Yesterday we were woken up by the sounds of wind like I’ve never heard before. It was crazy. With that wind (and storm) brought a beautiful winter wonderland. As as soon as it came…that afternoon it was gone. 

rosemary with snow
winter birds eating feed
frozen onions
winter on the farm
winter on the farm

We are so hopeful for this year and we can’t wait to see where this year takes us. Happy New Year friends. 


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