Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Pendleton Family FarmAugust 15, 2021

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YouTube has become something of a common name around our home. The reason? Not only do we utilize the platform to learn anything and everything about farming/homesteads, but we started our own YouTube channel recently. I wanted a way to document our lives starting our very own farm, a place where our children could watch themselves grow up, and provide some kind of service/hope to others. 

Without the families we’re getting ready to share, most of our endeavors would have crashed and burned. Don’t get us wrong, failure leads to growth and learning, but we also don’t want to waste money, therefore these people are more valuable to us they will ever realize. Our favorite YouTube channels. 

Our Favorite YouTube Channels


We’re going to split them up even though a lot of times we watch them together…


The obsession continues…My love for this channel is ridiculous. Before bed each night, as everyone is safely in their slumbers, I sit down and watch an episode (or 3) of the Elliott’s life. They live in a 2.5 acre cottage in the middle of Washington raising their 4 children, growing almost all of their own food, raising their meat, and are an invaluable source of education. 

Shaye’s voice is calming, collected, and inviting. I often wonder if she ever even gets angry lol. The gardens are swoon worthy, but the way she shares and teaches is just amazing. I’ve learned so so so many things from watching them and seek out their knowledge from growing a no till garden, preserving the food they grow, to even milking their dairy cow. 

The videography in her channel is so inspiring and keeps you coming back for more. 


Kaetlyn has no idea I’ve watched every single one of her episodes and I look every night to see what magic she has created next. I was telling my daughter about her and she said I started to smile…for good reason I’d say. She is calming, a lover of Jesus, and lives her days striving for slow and traditional living through the seasons. 

She has just shy of 7 million (yes MILLION) views on YouTube and I’m so grateful I found her. It’s a balm to your soul. 


Jill and her family are a force to be reckoned with. I won’t embarrass myself and divulge how many episodes I’ve watched of theirs, but I will tell you my garden plans for next year came highly sought after from watching them. Jill and her husband Christian strive for intentional living with their 3 kids, slew of livestock, and her beautiful philosophy of life in general. 

I got so enamored with learning how to can that I have signed up for one of her many classes and have started to dive into preserving our own harvest. She’s real, doesn’t sugar coat much, and I love her for it. 


My love for Lisa goes back far. I’ve watched her for years and literally seek out to see if she has anything new to share. I’ve learned all my sourdough tricks from her, made many of meals from not only her YouTube channel, but website, and still don’t understand how she does it all. 

Some of my favorite content she puts out for the world to see is her Day in Life series. It’s like being a fly in their glorious farmhouse. You won’t be disappointed and you may just want to start baking sourdough bread after watching her. 



I say this is Scott’s favorite, but we watch this one most times together. From growing your own food, raising your own meat, and cooking almost every meal (all while homeschooling their children), the Rhodes do it with open arms and are transparent in the process. 

This family is a common name in the homesteading community and for good reason. They have documented every part of their lives and share it with the world. Many of their livestock practices that they teach is how we learned for our very own farm. The best part? They are North Carolina natives as well. 


This Illinois couple is one of Scott’s favorites to watch. He says that it an informative way to figure out what he wants to do on this farm in the future as well as new practices we can begin even right now. 

We both really like to watch their gardening practices. 


This down to earth family is such an enjoyment to watch. It’s like you’re just hanging out with friends while learning all about farm life and even more impressive is their debt free journey. 

Go watch and be inspired…

Our hope is that you find not only educational resources, but people/families that inspire you to do anything you put your mind to. With love…



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