September updates on the farm

September Updates On The Farm

Pendleton Family FarmSeptember 24, 2021

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I woke up for farm chores this morning and it was 47 degrees. Glorious I tell you. Just enough chill to put a sweater on and head out for all the sometime mundane but magical tasks of letting animals out of their safe night quarters and out into the grasses. September updates on the farm. 

September updates on the farm

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It’s crazy to think you have to prep your garden spaces this far in advance, but it’s the best practices to do so. The large permanent garden space we have planned for next year is right behind our house. The entire month of September was pasture (garden space) rotationally grazing our chickens. All that digging up by the chickens and for lack of a better word…pooping on is perfect for getting that space ready for next year. 

Next up we will be placing cardboard (doubled) on the entire space we plan to fence in for the garden. We have been blessed with a ton of cardboard from a local family who has just moved to the area. On top of those cardboard pieces will be a big thick layer of local compost. This will sit all winter long breaking down and bringing vitality to this area. 


As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, we had these overgrown hedging that was placed in the front of this house probably years and years ago. We removed all of that jazz so we have a blank slate. We are going to do the exact same practice as the garden. Placing cardboard down first, then adding good compost in preparation for planting perennials next year in this space. 

I do have a few that I will place there I have in containers and they can overwinter there. Autumn sedum, a fig tree, a peony bush, and a few other tucked in there. Next Spring I will plant the bulk of the cottage style perennials I have planned. Think full, pastel, evergreen look. 

Scott knows I need two arbors made. One for the front where a specific David Austin climbing rose will trellis up and one for the front of the entrance of the future fenced in garden space for the next year Luffa plant will be housed. We are using free plans from Farmhouse On Boone and it is just perfect. 

I’ve mapped out what plants I want in this space and I’m so excited. Attached to each window will be a window box with in season annuals made of cedar and below will be filled with shade loving Hostas, roses, echinacea, lavender, and hydrangeas. All to provide our home with cut flowers and pollination for the bees and butterflies. On the south side of the front will be a place for a long strip of chamomile intertwined with more lavender. 

September updates on the farm


I’ll be honest, I was getting pretty tired of “feeding” my sourdough everyday and after watching Shaye of The Elliott Homestead‘s dry sourdough version, I was sold. I took my huge wet sourdough starter and began turning only 20-30 grams of it to a dry starter. I urge you to watch it if you’re kinda tired of using so much flour as well. 


How ya like that title? lol. Kids have been home for a solid week with a terrible cold (negative for Covid), but this cough is relentless. We finally got out of the house today because this momma was gonna loose her mind. 

Scott comes home this coming week and we will be so glad to have him home. I told him he is the muscle of this farm and it’s the truth. Farm work is not for the weak my friends. 

Monday morning I will be taking all our chickens to the processor and I’m just praying I don’t get scratched to death doing this solo. We hope you have the best week ever! 

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