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Starting a Cut Flower Garden

Pendleton Family FarmJanuary 22, 2021

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Starting our very own Cut Flower Garden. Dreams swirled in my head of going out in the morning light with my farm boots on, taking my shears out of my basket found at the thrift shop, and cutting the most beautiful long stemmed blooms for our kitchen. 

Sounds heavenly right? Well, this will be my first time creating a cut flower garden, but I have high hopes and I know I’ll learn a lot in the process. I may fail miserably, but it won’t because I wasn’t prepared. 


Our land has this small plot right behind our house. We have chosen that spot for not only the flower garden, but vegetables, and pumpkins. I’m a little giddy about the pumpkins. Especially since I didn’t just order your run-of-the-mill pumpkins, but ones that are so dang beautiful. 

North Carolina Farm Land

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All the flower seeds are here and ready. The varieties we chose (cough cough I chose) are some of the easiest to grow, came highly recommended, and are going to be so beautiful. The gorgeous seeds all came from Floret Flowers. All vegetable and pumpkin seeds have been ordered from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

As far as the vegetables go, I only ordered what we personally eat or what Henry (the big fat bearded dragon) eats. That way nothing goes to waste. Anything that we have leftover that we don’t consume, will go to the ducks, chickens, and goats (coming this Spring). 

Scott (Mr. Pendleton lol) will be mowing, tilling, and getting the land ready. 


The seeds will be started in a greenhouse. A permanent structure will be built next Spring (2022) so we purchased this one to start us out this year. 


5 pack starter seed trays kit (ordered 3 sets)

Organic Liquid Kelp & Fish Blend

Organic Vermiculite

We’re going to pick up local organic potting soil, as well as, local compost (until we create our own). 

Starting a Cut Flower Garden


So…what kinds of flowers and veggies did we order?


All purchased from Floret Flowers. 

Sweet Pea Anniversary, Nasturtium Salmon Mousse, Amaranth Hot Biscuits, 4 different types of Breadseed Poppy (yeah, I obviously thought this flower was beautiful), 2 different types of California Poppy, Cress Emerald Beads, Annual Baby’s Breath, & Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil

You’ll notice a lot of things are “sold out.” That’s due to this company being highly sought after. They put work into their land, their flowers, their seeds. Go over and make sure you subscribe and that way you know when items are back in stock. 


I’m not going to link all the things, but I will tell you we ordered them all from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Why did we order from this company? Because, and I quote, “Johnny’s does not knowingly sell genetically modified seeds; nor do we breed new varieties using genetic engineering” Link: here.  I don’t want anymore junk on this land. We want to bring it back to LIFE. 

I can’t wait to see how this turns out and hopefully by the middle of Spring, we’ll have not only veggies to harvest, but magical flowers to put into vases. 

Do you have a cut flower garden? Give me all the details. Tell me what worked and what you wish you would have done differently. Help a momma out!!!

flower packets from Floret Flowers


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