Greenhouse on NC farm

The Greenhouse

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 22, 2021

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It is officially Spring. I realized after I shared this little snippet of our greenhouse on Instagram the other day, I had never shared on our website. The Greenhouse is housing tiny seeds ready to be taken to the land as soon as it stays a little bit warmer. Here is all about it. 

Pendleton Family Farm Greenhouse


I say temporary for two reasons. One, we will use this as long as humanly possible and two I want my amazing husband to build us a long term greenhouse. My goal is to hit all the yard sales up this Spring and search for old windows to store until it’s build time. 

Can you picture it? A greenhouse surrounded by old windows, a little door, and more plants than I know what to do with <3.


And before I forget…we started a YouTube channel. I’m scared outa my mind, but I’ve done scarier things so follow along if this is your thang 😉


You can read all about what kind of greenhouse here under our Cut Flower post. Since that post, we’ve started our flower seeds, as well as basil, tomatoes, cilantro, mustard greens(for our bearded dragon), & potted plants in there. I ordered additional seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and are awaiting their arrival to get those babies in some soil. 

greenhouse on NC farm land

Don’t be fooled by the image. That greenhouse is huge. 


So what did we order? Tons and tons of pumpkins. I’ve always had this dream to be able to grow all those funky pumpkins I buy every fall to decorate our home. I mean look at the types! We’ve decided this particular plot of land that the garden will be on will be the only plot we will till. The remainder of our land will be no till. More on that on a future blog post, but we’re regenerating the farm…not tilling and destroying the microorganisms that are already there. 

We’re going to add local compost as well to get things started. All the locals say to wait until May 1st to plant anything in the ground here so we’re waiting. 

For now all the seeds/plants will be tucked into the greenhouse. 


If our farm has any leftover veggies, scraps, or rotten fruit, it will first go to the appropriate animals. After that, it will go straight to the compost pile to provide us with amazing compost in the future. I just told Scott the other day we needed piglets to eat all our leftovers 😉 I’m still working on that one. lol. 

You can do the same thing at your house! Even without a farm. Pick yourself out a piece of your property and start your very own compost pile. The Spruce has a great article on just how to do it. 

Happy First Week of Spring Friends! 

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