The New Kids In Town

The New Kids In Town-Baby Goats

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 15, 2021

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Baby Goats-The New Kids In Town. Well, they have arrived and are just as cute as I had envisioned. Between bottle feeding, poop patrol, and snuggles, these days are now full. 

New Baby Goats on a NC farm

Are they not the best things ever? We are so in love. We’ve changed their names a half a dozen times, but have finally settled on Clyde (our only male-wether), Thelma, Louise, Popcorn, & Penelope. 


I didn’t sleep well the night before pickup. I was just too excited. Arrived bright and early on Thursday morning, Kathryn from Prodigal Farm was busy with her crew bottle feeding babies. She provided us with not only valuable information on veterinary services she uses, but their next round of vaccines they will need. We loaded them up and away we went. 


The kids are bottle fed three times a day right now…2 weeks old, and feeding them is about as chaotic as you may think it is. They all want to be fed at the same time, are climbing all over you, and are impatient lol. We are ordering a bottle feeding system that allows you to feed all of them at one time which is going to be AMAZING. Ryder & I were on our own this morning during feeding time and we just had to laugh. Feeding one at a time is what we came up with lol. 

Louise the Lamancha goat
This is Louise. I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but she is mine. Lamancha is her breed.
kids playing with goats

That fencing you see in the background is our temporary electric fencing from Premier1.  It has done an amazing job of keeping them contained and predators out. Although we have added 2 livestock guardian puppies to the herd 😉 More on that later. 

baby goat


Scott & I transformed one half of the old barn to their home and I’m just so proud. He did an amazing job at making a hay feeder from repurposed materials, took 3 trips on Wednesday for hay, straw, and Tractor Supply, and it came out gorgeous. 

You can read all about what those containers are for here

Goat barn


Goat babies are full of personality, want to jump on you at all times, and are pretty great at snuggling. While bottle feeding, they suck it down faster than I ever thought possible, and they get the zoomies right after. It’s hysterical to witness. 

Some were shyer than others when first arriving, but once they figured out we feed them yummies…they adapted rather quickly. 


Next up we will fence 2 acres of pasture attaching it to the fencing. We will close up the front and open it up to the pasture. Does that make sense? They will still have their barn, but a ton more room to do what goats do…live their best life. 

I can’t wait to see how these babies flourish. 

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