Top medications to have on hand when owning poultry

Top Medications For Poultry

Pendleton Family FarmJune 27, 2021

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Top medications to have on hand when you own poultry. No one wants their livestock to get sick. Ever, but things happen and the best thing you can do is to be prepared. Here is what our farm has on hand at all times to make sure everyone stays well. This post is for information purposes. Please speak to your veterinary specialist before making an informed decision. 

Top medications to have on hand when owning poultry

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Did you know if one of your chickens starts to bleed from something, all the other chickens will start pecking at that red spot? It’s a weird trait, but it’s true. Chickens can see in many colors and for some crazy reason, red seems to be one that can’t get enough of. Ever wondered why a lot of water buckets, feeding trays, and dishes for chickens are colored red? Because they are attracted to the color. Blu-Kote camouflages the red so your injured chicken doesn’t get peaked at. If you’re not comfortable with using something like this on your chickens, you can always make a homemade version with iodine and food safe blue food coloring. 

Another must have (that I just used this morning) isVetericyn. Think of this like hydrogen peroxide for chickens, but so much better. This solution cleanses wounds and other ailments safely and effectively. It does not burn and can be used multiple times per day if needed. 

We also keep this Vetericyn Antimicrobial Eye Spray on hand. 


One of our roosters just didn’t look right the other day. He had a crusty eye, was lethargic, and just wasn’t acting himself, so I went to my arsenal of information and figured out he had a cold/respiratory infection. I immediately cleaned out the coop (again), had it aired out, and put down fresh bedding as well as adding VetRx under his wings. 

Just to cover all my basis, I also cleaned his eye out with warm water, clean paper towels, and added Terramycin to his affected eye. You can never really tell with chickens exactly what is causing the alignment so I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could for him. Terramycin is for the local treatment of superficial ocular infections.

Top medications to have on hand when owning poultry

He is perfectly well now and is thriving. He was pissed at me for a couple of days lol. 


Fermented Chicken Feed

Picaso (the rooster) also got a little bit of Poultry Nutri-Drench which is just a boost of rapid nutrition supplement to help him along. It has such things as Calcium, Vitamin D-3, & A. 

Fermented chicken feed is another way to boost your flock’s health. It offers probiotics, supplies an easier way for chickens to digest and actually use the nutrients they need, and our chickens love it. Plus, it’s super easy to make. 



Corid is used for the treatment of coccidiosis. Coccidia illness in chickens occurs when these little protozoan parasites attack the intestines causing diarrhea (usually bloody stool is the first sign), which then leads to dehydration. This is not a disease to mess around with. It can become bad very quickly. Speak to your local veterinary specialist before treating your entire flock. I added this to the list because it’s better to have this on hand, then to have an issue and nothing to help it. 

Liquamycin is another one that I wanted have on hand. This is an antibiotic that I learned about from a chicken FB group I’m a part of. I’ve got it here just in case anyone needs additional treatment to save a life. Side note: you will need syringes and the smallest needle gauge possible to administer this. 


Our first line of defense here will always be natural. Clean chicken areas, coops, bedding, as well as herbs. You can read all about keeping poultry healthy here. Oregano, mint, lavender, and rosemary can all be used for an ailment with your flock. 

As always, the first line of defense is preventative. Moving livestock to clean pasture, clean waters everyday, etc. will always trump trying to fix something that could have been prevented, BUT things happen and sometimes it’s out of our control. Having these top poultry medications on hand helps to keep me proactive in case something arrises and we can fix it fast

Chicken owners….do you have anything you always keep on hand? Leave a comment below so I can add it to mine as well. 

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