Pendleton Family Farm has eggs

We Have Eggs

Pendleton Family FarmJune 22, 2021

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We have eggs! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be this excited about farm fresh eggs, but after you care for an animal for 18 weeks, feed, love, and give them the very best life humanly possible…it’s magical. Like a big butt nugget thank you. 🙂

Pendleton Family Farm finally has farm fresh eggs


The kicker? We’re not just getting chicken eggs, but delicious rich duck eggs as well. It’s embarrassing how dang excited I was lol. 

Farm Fresh Duck Egg

The ducks have decided laying their eggs in the mud is much more fun than laying them in their clean duck house, but I don’t mind. Clean them up and they are good to go. The oldest ducks are laying around 2 per day right now, but soon enough we will have more duck eggs than we know what to do with. 

I’ll go ahead and answer the timeless question I keep getting…yes, they taste just like chicken eggs lol. They hold more nutrients, more protein, and 50% more Vitamin A than chicken eggs. I especially have been enjoying baking with them. The best part? I know how good they are because I know exactly how these animals have been cared for, fed, and have an endless amount to forage for. 

We take the care of our animals very very seriously and it shows now in the quality of the eggs these poultry are producing. 

Keeping Poultry Healthy


Read more about keeping poultry healthy here.


Even though the ducks eggs are incredible, the colors of the chicken eggs will always steal the show. 

Ignore the poop covered one…chickens don’t discriminate (care) 😉

I was figuring out how many chickens we now own and I’ve come up with 35 hens and 3 roosters(that escalated quickly lol), so by the end of the summer, we will have a plethora of eggs and will need to start selling. If you’re local and want the very best eggs you can possible get…you can get on our wait list here

What sets our eggs apart from everyone else? We take great pride in how we care for our animals. These chickens have been fed nothing but organic feed, gobbled up as many bugs as they have wanted, fresh water multiple times per day, bedding changed a ridiculous amount of time, and are moved every single day to new pasture. We are so very proud. 


Before purchasing chicks, I had read a lot about fermenting your chicken feed, but didn’t give much thought to it until recently. Homestead & Chill has to be one of my favorite articles written about the benefits of fermenting chicken feed. 

Why ferment? Think of it like this…we, as humans, understand the ridiculous benefits of eating fermented food (sourdough, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc.)…a chicken’s overall health can reap the same things. Better absorption of the nutrients, better egg quality, improve digestion, not to mention cut the feed costs down due to the poultry actually getting full faster. Best part? It gives the chickens (and ducks for that matter) a natural probiotic. 

Fermented Chicken Feed

The image above is where I put in around 3 cups of feed into my gallon glass jar that I’m obsessed with from Azure Standard. I fill the jar up about 2 inches above the level of the grain to give more than enough room for expansion. I label it with a dry erase marker the date I started it and stir it once a day…that is it!


Quick little plug about Azure Standard. I’m obsessed. They literally have anything and everything you could ever want. I put an order in and add to it when we run out of something. We live very remotely so for a specialty store it would be a solid 45 min to an hour drive. I love that we can get things we can’t find around town right there. 

So…how did/do they like it? The chickens freaked out over it. The ducks could take it or leave it. They would rather me bring yummy treats like greens and fruit. That being said, they do love some grubs which Azure Standard has as well. Check them out. 

We hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week! 

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