black Hunter boots on new farm land

Welcome to The Pendleton Family Farm

Pendleton Family FarmJanuary 16, 2021

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Welcome to Pendleton Family Farm. Let me introduce ourselves. We’re The Pendleton’s. We have 4 beautiful children, live on 60 acres of North Carolina land, and are beginning our farm journey and documenting it all. So how did we get here?

Pendleton Family Farm

60 acres of farm land in the heart of North Carolina


This dream started years ago. To have the Pendleton Family Farm.  Well before we even moved to this part of North Carolina. Back in 2019 my husband was promoted with his work. We knew a few months into his new position, this long distance living was not going to work. He was driving 3 hours every Sunday, and returning (if he could) every Friday. It was brutal for us all. So, we sold our home and we started on the adventure we never knew was going to change everything. 

Fastforward A Year

We’re cozy in our new place, but something kept nagging at us. Don’t get us wrong, this new home we were living in was more than anyone could dream of, but something was missing. We occasionally browsed  all the homes for sale sites until one day my husband sends me a link to a property. That was the beginning to a very fast decision. This property was perfect. Beyond perfect. 

Could We REALLY Do This?

I can remember going out on a much needed dinner date. Just the two of us. Talks of waiting for the right time hovered over the table and we decided to just hold out. The following day he texts me “they’re not going to be little forever. I’m afraid we’re gonna miss the chance.” He was right. Both of us wanted something different. Different for us, our family, our kids. Now is now. 

We Put Our Offer In

We both knew we wouldn’t be the only offer. There was no way. This property had 60 acres of land, 25 acres cleared, 35 forest, 2 ponds, 2 sheds, and had enough room for our family. Our offer was not only accepted, but we later came to find out that ours was not even the highest offer. The owner chose us because of my letter. 

Full transparency, here is the letter. Still makes me tear up. Some info removed for privacy.

We Moved In 4 Weeks Later

We sold a home, bought a farm, and had surgery thrown in there, but we made it. It was by far the hardest move we had ever made. The red tape was incredible, but kept telling ourselves…it was going to be worth it. And it was.

black Hunter boots on new farm land

The Future

Gracious our family has many many plans for our future. One day, besides becoming self sufficient, we’d love to provide others with our grass-fed beef, farm fresh chicken and duck eggs, and give other families hope that they can do this too. We are just a normal family who had a BIG dream.


What kinds of animals do we plan to have? If I had it my way, we’d have them all lol, but that’s not logical. A good working farm needs pastured land full of healthy grasses to have healthy animals, so we will start slow. We are meticulously picking our livestock based on our current needs and conditions. First up, ducks. 


Ducks were chosen for a few different reasons. One, we have 2 ponds. They are amazing pest control animals. They love bugs and grubs, not to mention mosquitoes which I’m sure around the pond will be crazy. Ducks also are amazing egg layers. Ducks have higher vitamin and mineral content per gram of egg, when given a healthy organic diet. Lastly, these little feather friends provide great fertilizer. Put them in your garden and watch it grow. No, we don’t plan on eating them. Yes, I got asked that too lol. 

4 different breeds of ducklings

We picked 4 breeds, all with good egg production, solid demeanor, are cold hardy(can handle the cold) and are good foragers. Shipped at a day old from Metzer Farms, Welsh Harlequin(2), Khaki Campbell(2), Buff(2), and Pekin(2) ducklings. 

What Is Next?

Next up is getting our land pasture ready. This property has been farmed with corn and soy and we want to bring it back to life. Organic matter spread all over, good organic crop seed, fencing, drain pipes, and a cut flower garden with seeds already purchased at Floret Flowers (the absolute best), and slowly adding animals that will bring viability to the farm. Eventually goats(most likely this Spring), cows, & chickens. 

Can you imagine a cut flower garden in your backyard? One you can go out to and fill a vase up with some of the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen? I can’t wait. I may fail miserably, but that won’t stop me from pouring my heart into it. Side note: this is just a few of them we ordered. I won’t show you the obscene amount I have planned lol. 

BIG Long Term Goal

Our family would like to build a new home on this property. Nothing fancy, but something we build together. I’ve realized rather quickly, one-level is where it is at! I can’t believe our energy bill is so low not having to heat an up and downstairs, and the ease of accessibility is an added bonus. Thats a ways down the road, but if you don’t dream, it can’t become a reality. 

Pendleton Family Farm & God's Divine Timing

I want to finish by saying that this was all God’s divine timing. There is no other explanation. We give HIM all the credit. All the praying, the late night talks, the dreams, the drive, and the constant reminder that good things happen on HIS time, not ours. Looking back on the last 13 years led us here. The moments we thought that we weren’t heading where we wanted to, we were. It just wasn’t time yet. 

Our Family Motto

“And if we fall, we will fall together and when we rise, we will rise together” ~ King & Country

Fitting don’t you think? While we were in the tornado of selling, buying, and life in general, I would blare their song throughout the house. 

Want to know more about our family? You can click here to our About Us page. If you have your own farm/homestead, what was the first thing you did? Leave a comment below. 

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