We are moving

Well, We’re Moving

Pendleton Family FarmMarch 29, 2022

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Yes, you read that right, we’re moving. To explain the why, we have to go back to 2019. Scott (the husband lol) gets put on active order duties for his military position. For a couple months, he drives 3 hours away every Sunday to work near Raleigh through the week, then drives the 3 hours back on Fridays to spend less than 48 hours home with his family. 

We are moving

I couldn’t take it anymore, so we decided it was time to move. Late in 2019 (pre-covid) we began the journey. 



Kids start brand new schools, we get settled, and we’re hit with a pandemic. The world shuts down. Our kids, like most, are sent home for longer than anyone anticipated and they begin remote learning. Our family struggles. Our children are in a new place, haven’t had the chance to make any real friends, and now we’re stuck. 

We scratch the idea of remote learning pretty quickly and begin homeschooling said 3 children. It’s going great except there are no homeschooling groups, no co-ops, no playdates to be had. I slowly start to see a change in the kids. 

man feeding ducks


Late 2020 we see a property that we absolutely fall in love with. Yep, the farm. Since no real relationships have been established here, we decide to move. New adventure, new goals, new life. Kids decide they want to go back to public school and we agree. Again, new place, new school, and now we have masks to worry about. 

kids boots in woods

Now, our children have never not lived in some sort of subdivision. They’ve never had to adjust to living remotely, and change starts to really set in. We’re busy that Spring of 2021 which dulls the boredom, but I’m still seeing changes in them. The need for deep friendships, the sadness, the realization of how far we are away from everything they know. 

We find a life group (an amazing life group), a church (even if the drive is 30 min away), and a small community. The problem is…they miss home so terribly it is affecting them on a deeper level. I see some anger issues, some resentment, even some attitudes I can’t get a grip on. Scott and I finally look at each other on a cold January night and decide it’s time

These kids have had to move away from everything they’ve ever known, live away from the grandparents they so deeply love, give up friendships they’ve had since kindergarten, and we tell them we’re going home. The tears of relief take over them and Scott and I cry right there along with them. I knew at that moment, we had made the right choice. 


We start the process by selling our livestock and letting our life group know that we’re moving back home. In God’s orchestrated plan, a family in that group jumps on the possibility of having more land than they ever dreamed of. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Now we just had to find a home to move to. 

If you don’t know anything about the Mountain View area where we lived for 14 years…it near impossible to find a home that doesn’t sell less than 24 hours of being on the market. I just kept thinking…

Back in our old subdivision I had always told our neighbors across the street that if they ever wanted to sell their house, we would interested. I was talking to Scott one night while we’re both looking online at houses and I say “I’m gonna message them.” 

Long story short…not only are we moving back to our hometown, but right across the street from our old house. Ironic right? We’ve always loved that house and Scott says not only is he never moving again, he will die in that house lol. 


Gracious alive, of course we’re sad, but you know what? No amount of land, animals, property, or home is more important to us than our kids. Their mental health, their happiness, and their joy surpasses anything we could ever dream up. They are thrilled, my mom is thrilled, their grandpa is thrilled, their friends are thrilled, and our hearts are at peace with the decision. 


I can grieve and still be excited about the next chapter of our lives. I’m going to miss fishing with my husband out there. How he always says out loud what number fish it is that he’s caught (it’s a “dig” at me lol). I’m going to miss the opportunity for the huge garden I had planned for Spring this year. I’m going to desperately miss my ducks and geese. I’m going to miss our barn cat Ally. The future owners have promised to keep them here. I’m going to miss the plans for our dream house up on the hill. I’m going to miss the sunsets. I’m going to miss the sounds of the frogs by the pond. Lastly, I’m going to miss the dreams I had for this place. 

ducks in the farm pond


I’m excited to see real joy from our children. I’m excited to transform that over an acre property we’re moving to to a place of cut flower gardens. I’m excited to spend every moment I can with my mom. I’m excited to have a little money in our pocket (farming ain’t cheap my friends). I’m excited to dream new dreams with my husband. I’m excited to go to our old church. I’m excited to see old friends. I’m excited to watch our oldest son spend his last year of high school around people he’s grown up with his entire life. I’m excited to build a fire pit and have fellowship with old and new friends. I’m excited to have a space already fenced in for our dogs. I’m excited to still cook from scratch, have backyard chickens, and live frugally. I’m excited to be able to go on vacation again without needed a farm hand. I’m grateful as all get out we got to experience something not everyone gets to. We are blessed beyond measure. 

tiny turtle


What about Scott’s job?

He is getting a transfer. Yes, still with the military.

What about all the animals?

We found loving farms for the goats as well as Ruger & Remy (Great Pyrenees).  Ally the barn cat will stay here as well as the ducks and geese. 

Will you ever try and have a farm in your old hometown?

Scott says we’ll be too old by then lol. 

Will you garden at your new house?

Ohhhhhh yes I will. I’ve learned so dang much on this farm and I can’t wait to begin there. 

What about Kailyn? 

Kailyn and her boyfriend Mark will be moving this way come December when their lease is up and he’s finished with school. That was the one stipulation I had. I can’t be away from her. 

Will you be doing photography here?

I will, but just not for a little while. I’ve got to get these kids re-adjusted as well as myself. 

When do you move?

May 28th. We wanted to let the kids finish up their school year here. 

Will you still call your blog “Pendleton Family Farm?”

Sure will. You don’t have to live on 60 acres of farm land to learn everything we have here. Sourdough, livestock on a small scale, and everything in between. You’ll be along for the ride. 

Can’t wait to see everyone <3

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