What if we fail? Farm Life

What If We Fail?

Pendleton Family FarmFebruary 12, 2021

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But, what if we fail? The thing is, we’re not scared of failing. We were more scared of not trying. You see, Scott & I have always known we were meant for more. No, not more stuff, money, or bits and bobs (lol). We were meant to live a life of more time together, more time raising animals, more time teaching our children the lessons of life. We’ve always known. 

What if we fail? Farm Life


I’d be lying if I said we don’t want to make a dime on our farm, but it’s honestly not about that for us. Our ultimate goal is to grow the food we eat, become more sustainable, and create a childhood that keeps on giving well past the childhood stage. We want to teach our kids about life and death, the power of kindness, and the drive to know you can do anything you want to in life. Farm life just happens to give them all those lessons. 

black Hunter boots on new farm land


The dream? We’re living it right now. I couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect place to start this journey. It’s already had so many bumps and turns, but it doesn’t move us from our goal. We are steadfast. Both of us know what we need to do in order to get there.

A farm can’t have healthy animals without healthy soil. You can’t have healthy soil without putting organic matter into your land. You can raise cows without fencing. The list goes on and on, but one thing is for sure…we have plans. BIG plans. One step at a time. 


There is only so much money you can pour into your farm to begin with. At least for us, therefore we place steps in priority. Example: again, you can’t have healthy animals without healthy grass, and your soil has to be healthy in order to grow healthy grass. You get the picture. We’ve ordered a summer mix from a local distributor, but the seeds are from Southeast AgriSeeds

Ordering enough to cover around 5 acres to start, and fencing in 2 acres. Chicks have been ordered and are arriving in May which will give us plenty of time to build a hen house, and those beautiful birds will provide some of the fertilizer our land so desperately needs. Of course our ducks will be around the perimeter providing our pond and land with additional care. 

Farmland in North Carolina


Yes, we found goats we want. Best part…they are local (more on this later). Every animal we add to this farm will provide something back. No, not meat goats, but fertilizer. The goal with having an array of different types of animals is that they all provide something different to the ecosystem of a farmAnimal waste provides manure, and that provides many nutrients that plants use to grow. I LOVE this amazing article by Epic Provisions. Quote: “Every animal’s role in the pasture creates a compounding effect on its peers’ capabilities.”

So, back to the goats. The plan is for the goats to be here in spring. We have a barn that Scott is planning to renovate slightly to provide shelter and they will be fenced in on that 2 acres I was taking about. Eventually they will be rotating livestock like everything else. Meaning we will move our livestock to different fenced pastures on a schedule. 

Sledding by 4-wheeler


If you had the choice, what would you do if you took the fear of failing out of the equation? Start a business? Go out into the world with your art? Begin a new adventure? You never get another chance of this life you’re living…go live it. 


What if we fail? Depends on what you mean by the term fail. The simple fact we’re trying is enough for us. Failing is just learning. 

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