Why Our Family Uses Essential Oils

Why Our Family Uses Essential Oils

Pendleton Family FarmSeptember 16, 2021

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Our family has been an avid essential oil user since 2013 when I joined Young Living. Just like most families, we wanted a different way to treat, heal, and live without always grabbing conventional treatments of medications, cleaners, and personal care products. I had always loved holistic approaches to life, but it wasn’t until I graduated for nursing school, that my passion came full force. 

Why Our Family Uses Essential Oils

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Disclaimer: I do not nor will ever believe I know more about health than a physician, but I am a mom. I know my children the best out of anyone else on this planet and that means making decisions that conventional medicine may not agree with. I worked in an OBGYN clinic for 6 years until I was pregnant with our last baby. We decided as a family that my time was better spent with them full time. 

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I think our society as a whole tends to gravitate giving medications for just about anything. Got a fever? Time for some medication. Headache? Let’s grab some ibuprofen. Instead, our family tends to gravitate why we are having symptoms and how we can decrease those ailments without medication first.  

Disclaimer #2: Modern medicine is amazing!!! We will always be grateful for life saving treatments and will utilize them when absolutely necessary, but I think we use them too often instead of figuring out the why we’re having them in the first place. 


All that to say you know your family/kids best. You feel more confident giving them medication? You do you. We pass no judgment here. But what if you could treat that fever a little different? What if that cough could be helped with a little oil on their chest? What if you could clean your entire house without the use of chemicals? What if…

We all see the news everyday of another company getting sued for an allergic reaction, a compromise in their facility, and even people having strange symptoms that they can’t figure out what’s causing it? We can’t spend our lives in a bubble, but what we can do is decide what comes in our own homes. 

Young Living Oils

Image taken in 2014. I was so dang excited. 


What are essential oils anyways? They are concentrated extracts harvested from plants, herbs, and trees. Oils have been used for centuries. Well before modern medicine came into play. We use essential oils in our own home for a plethora of things. We use them to make our home smell nice (vs. using candles) , our haircare, skincare, supplements, cleaning, laundry, shaving, sickness, ailments, and everything under the sun. Before I grab a conventional medicine, I will use our essential oils first. 

My belief is that families are fearful. What if I use them wrong? What if I use too much, too little, what if… Let me put you at ease. It’s all a glorious learning adventure. Research is key and there are dedicated groups that have a wealth of knowledge far greater than myself and I turn to them often on top of doing all my own diligent research. Feel free to reach out to me or leave a blog comment if you want to be added to a Facebook group. 

This is Ella, the 4th baby. She was the reason I jumped into all things holistic. See, she was a very colicky baby and I wanted to try and do everything possible to make it better. 


There is a massive amount of information and books out there, but a couple of my favorite reference ones are Essential Oils The Complete Home Reference (look for one at a local thrift shop as well), and Essential Oils of the Bible which I found fascinating. Remember to always look at your local thrift/used book store. I have found amazing resources there. 


If you don’t read anything else in this blog post, please read this. Not all oils are created equal. It’s a sad reality, but it’s the truth. I did a ridiculous amount of research on oils before starting this journey and I kept coming back to Young Living. Young Living products will never contain: • Formaldehyde • Artificial dyes • Petroleum • Mineral oil • Sulfates • Parabens

“We believe in showing nature the same respect and reverence that she’s shown us through the priceless gift of essential oils. Young Living is tirelessly working to sustain, protect, and support the earth by:

  • Ensuring that all of our corporate farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers are carefully monitored for earth-friendly practices and low-impact production.

  • Working toward zero-waste operations. Young Living has won Green Business of the Year and Recycler of the Year awards for our efforts.

  • Using lower-impact packaging. We say no to packaging that contains PVC, BPA, and perchlorate and yes to using minimal packaging with recycled materials.

  • Putting our money where our mouth is by funding efforts to protect the planet, including Healing the Amazon, Vital Grounds, owl conservation, and the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Going green in our new Global Headquarters, which is built to both LEED and Green Globe certifications.” Source: here


Going against the grain can be scary, but if this last year has taught us anything…sometimes it’s necessary and ends up becoming the exact thing we were supposed to do. My plan is to share more every week about how we utilize the oils we have been so blessed by in hopes that it gives you the confidence to change the way you see health in your own family. 



Heard enough and ready to start something amazing? I’d love for you to join us on this ongoing journey to take back our own health, provide our children with the knowledge of better living, and start fresh. You can sign up with is direct link HERE or you can email me directly at pendletonfamilyfarm@gmail.com and I’ll get you set up. 

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