Closing Down The Summer

Closing Down The Summer

Pendleton Family FarmAugust 18, 2022

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Closing down the summer here at our new property. It’s been a wild 5 months since the last update on the blog. The move, the adjustments, the plans. Here’s what’s been going down. 

Pendleton Family Farm

We’re all adjusting well and the kids couldn’t be happier. Why did we move? You can read all about that here. We moved from 60 acres down to 1.23 and the funny thing is…I’m more satisfied now than I was on the farm. I think the reason is that the pressure is off. I can focus on the things that light my soul on fire and that’s been a nice change. I got asked the other day if I missed the animals. I do, but I don’t miss seeing the kids so miserable. 

These next 12 months will be the time to really make this place our own and I’m beyond excited to share. Fyi, the kids are thrilled we’re back. Just this morning Ella says “I can’t wait to go back to school.” 


Dolly the rescue kitty

What do you do when you miss your ducks? You rescue a cat lol. This is Dolly. We had originally adopted a kitten, but my oldest daughter fell in love with her, so we ended up with this precious being. She couldn’t have fit any better with our family. My husband even agrees. 


If you ask the kids where they went on vacation this year..they’ll say “our vacation was the move,” which makes us all giggle. They’re not wrong. We told the kids that this summer was all about getting settled again and plans on underway for a family vacation next year. They also agreed since we are putting in a pool this year. Scott and I talked it over and we feel like it’s time. We’re never moving again, the two littles are still young enough to use the heck out of it for years, and we have the space. 


If living on the farm taught me anything it’s that I do in fact love growing plants. Flowers call to me, vegetables come along for the ride, and you can garden on any scale. 

Next year the area will be bursting with life and the plans have been set. We are actually diving a fenced in part of the dog lot in half and planting a huge garden there. Cardboard from the move has been saved and broke down where we will then lay it for a no dig method. Compost will be laid on top this fall and we’ll top dress it with soil this spring. 

Front future perennial garden

I’ve already begun planting perennials in the front and I’ll add more this fall and spring. I want this to become my spot for perennial cut flower garden. So far we’ve added Catmint, Thyme, Pincushion, Delphinium, Russian sage, Helleborus, Yarrow, Sedum Rudbeckia, Purple Grass, Lily of the Valley, Echinacea, Lavender, and Daisies. Those bushes that butt up to the front of the house will be removed and I will most likely add some David Austin climbing roses. 


Our family lived across the street from this house for 14 years. Crazy right? It’s a one-level home (which is what we wanted) & is around 1900 square feet. There was an addition added to the back of the house and that is where we spend a lot of our family time. It’s a big beautiful open room with an office attached. As I type, I have the nicest contractor adding a wall to the front of the home. This house is technically only 3 bedroom, but the front room (that was once the original living room) has been converted into our oldest son’s room. I’m sure he’ll be relieved there is finally a wall 🙂

I won’t be painting anything in the house until winter, but think airy and fun. 

The property has 3 buildings…yes, 3 🙂 One is the workshop, attached to it is an entire other building for all the outdoor equipment, and the 3rd is now being used as a garden shed. The future pool will actually butt up against the back of the house so its cohesive and the kids can literally come out the back and be at the pool without dragging any mud or grass into it. 

Future Pool Location

Future Pool Location and that building behind Jackson is the workshop. Don’t let the size fool you…it is HUGE. See the dogs to the back left of J? That is the fenced in area where the future garden will go. We finally got the electric fence in for the dogs so the entire property is covered for them now. 


Thrifting is literally one of my favorite things to do. It’s the hunt for me. I have found some absolute unbelievable pieces that are displayed throughout our home and I’ve gotten to reconnect with a few local places here that are new. 

Counting down the days until Kailyn moves here and everything will be complete <3 Her & I have been alternating months to visit. Onto the next adventure! 

xoxo Mellisa 

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